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♦ VISA's
In Thailand there are many types of visas, and our company specializes in, not just making your visa applications easier, but also we will ensure you will have the right visa for the right reason, minimizing your expense and time.

In order to work in Thailand, you must obtain an official work permit from the Royal Thai Government. This can be a very long process but with our help and expertise we can certainly minimize both time, and the cost in obtaining the right type of visa so that you can gain legal employment within Thailand. Work permits can be obtained with 3 month, 6 month, 1 and even 2 year periods.

♦ Thai Limited Company and Foreign Company
From the beginning, one of the primary goals of our company has been to help non-Thai Nationals, successfully establish a legal company identity here in Thailand. Although we can format a company registration anywhere within Thailand. Our main focus has been working on company and individuals in the South of Thailand and in particular, Phuket Island. Setting up a company is an easy process and can benefit you for many reasons to the fullest, when dealt with properly.

Formation of Thai limited Company
• Formation of Foreign Company
• Offshore Company Registration
• Partnerships

♦ Accounting and Taxation
A&D Legal & Accounting

Team are fluent in both Thai and English and have many years of experience dealing with both local and international issues. At A&D Legal & Accounting, we are truly your one-stop-shop for all your legal and accounting requirements.


• Accounting and Internal Cost
• Strategic Tax Planning
• Monthly and Yearly Book Keeping
• Preparation of Company Accounts
• Recording System
• Personal and Company Tax ID.
• VAT Application
• Company accounting system set up
• Midyear Statements
• End of Year Statements
• Ledgers
• Balance Sheets
• Audits


Thailand like many other countries, has a very complicated taxation regime. Here at A&D Legal, we can not only help you with all your taxation compliance issues but provide training for you and your staff to lower your taxes and provide a back-up service ensuring that you and your company complies with all the rules and regulations set down by the Taxation Department of Thailand.

♦ Property Services

By far more of the most complicated things you can do in Thailand is to purchase property. With our useful team of energetic experts, we can help you find your way through the complicated legal ways in acquiring property. Our office provides a full service concerning transaction in Real Estate It is our prime concern that Land Developers and Potential Buyers obtain Property and Real Estate legally and without worry.

• Purchasing house and land
• Condominium
• Leases and contracts
• Investigation
• Title registration
• Property conveyances
• Due diligence

♦ Import-Export
When it comes to importing and exporting from Thailand, it is essential that you not only understand the laws, but the procedures and the documentation's needed to comply with many different authorities in Thailand. The Royal Thai Government has very harsh and strict penalties for those who broke the law whether it's unknowingly or intentionally. Our team at A&D Legal have many years experience in dealing in all these matters so don't take the chance, come and see us and allow us to work with you to help with all your import and export requirements.

♦ Contract

In Thailand, it is a very common practice for parties, doing business to establish contractual arrangements. Many contracts are quite small and such not overly complex. However on the other hand, some contracts can be extremely complex and legalistic in the terminology. We recommend the best way to avoid legal complications and disputes, is to have a professional service such as ours develop a contract on your behalf. This may save you or your company, not just time and money, but the unexpected headache that could arise with contractual disputes .

• Subcontracts
• Agreements
• Leases
• Loans

♦ Licenses
The Royal Thai Government has introduced many stringent requirements for operating businesses within the country. There is a whole range of requirements for business within the borders of Thailand. In addition to this, you may have a driving license in your country of origin but it may not be recognized here in Thailand, leaving you open to many possibilities of huge compensation claims if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident. Our team here at A&D Legal can ensure and arrange for all the correct licensing requirements whether it be business or personal.

• Restaurant
• Hotel
• Alcohol
• Nursery
• School

♦ Translations
Even though English is a commonly spoken language in Thailand, English still remains by far a second language to many people. In most cases, most government departments require the documents in traditional Thai language. A&D Legal and Accounting not only offer translations from English to Thai, and from Thai to English, but many other languages as well.

♦ Marriage and Divorce
In Thailand, an official marriage carries legal documentation. Our team can assist you with this, after all, getting married is a stressful enough event without the legal paperwork and requirements. Come visit us at our office and allow us to take some of those stress off your hand.

• Marriage visas
• Pre-nuptial / post-nuptial agreements and enforcement
• Protection of existing assets
• Marital Estate Divisions
• Adoptions / Custody Issues
• Divorce Cases including Child Custody

♦ Investing
Investing in Thailand has always been a profitable business. However there are many legal taxation and accounting issues that you need to comply with. With this in mind it is well advisable to seek good, clear, and precise advice before and whilst investing in this amazing country, Thailand. Our useful and experienced team can help you with all the advice you require making sure that your investment grows as it should. So drop us an email and let us work on your behalf to save your hard-earned money, thus creating a more profitable return on your investment.

♦ Copyright
Today, copyright is one of the hottest issues in legal circles throughout the world. Copyright not only extends to written materials, movie, and photographic items. It also extends to intellectual property rights, design property rights as well as patents.

Many people inadvertently break copyright by downloading items of the internet that may have been copyrighted. This is just one example of infringement of copyright. However what could be more damaging to your business is the stigma that goes with infringing on other peoples' copyright when it becomes public knowledge. So don't fall into any traps such as these. Give us a call, or better still, come see us or drop us an email and let us discuss your copyright needs.

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